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Wed Dec 27 2006 (Day 6) - Ginza

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Spent the day in upmarket district, Ginza. Destinations include:

Chanel-Kubricks crossover window display at Chanel Store

The Apple Store

the Tokyo International Forum Building


Shopping and feeding at Muji. For a moment, I can't believe that I'm actually in a Muji store in Japan. The only one I've been to was in Singapore and that was about a decade ago

Sony Building and Showroom

Below: Wako Building

and opposite

Ginza by night

near the Yakitori alley

I love the drink vending machines in Japan - so attractive and tempting with lots of varieties

Back to Shinjuku

These coin-lockers are really lifesavers-

the Ranking Ranqueen store near the east exit
near the Studio Alta exit of Shinjuku Station

Wandering around Shinjuku at night
DSC04420.JPG Live Fugu

The alley next to Shomben Yokocho (Piss Alley) which after some searching, we stumbled upon. It was located within walking distance from the Shinjuku train station.

At Shomben Yokocho a.k.a. Piss Alley

We tried the ramen at this yatai jsut outside the Shinjuku Station West exit. Prices were a bit cut-throat. 2500 yen for 2 bowls of ramen and a few of oden, the 'yong tau foo' like pieces. Is it cos he can tell we're tourists or does cut-throat prices apply for all who dine here...


Dessert from the convenience store

Next day...

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