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Sun Dec 24 2006 (Day 3) - Harajuku

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We got off at Harajuku station and after some asking around (my first attempt at 'doko des ka'), managed to find Meiji Jingu, our first destination today.
Our first experience in a Japanese shrine.
The cleansing area. Washed hands and rinsed mouth.

Also hung a wooden prayer tag..i think it's called 'ema'

Below: Saw this tag and couldn't resist a snap - this person must've had some really bad experience in Japan

There were some preparations going on to celebrate the coming New Year.

Next up - Harajuku for some funky stuff. Takeshita dori below

Apparently shoes need to be removed not just when you are entering a house (which is normal practice for us) , but also when you step into the fitting booth at stores. When Kee stepped into a fitting booth to try on some clothing in a shop here, the sales assistant tapped his leg lightly and pointed at his shoes. We got the message in a split second and that was how we knew. Will keep that in mind from now on.
Then walked back to the entrance of the Meiji Jingu to watch the well-known cosplayers of Harajuku, who are starting to gather near the bridge.


This group below was quite popular with the visitors

a video of the area where the cosplayers gather on Sundays, at the entrance to Meiji-jingu

we took several with this lady below..she probably has the best costume and make-up that day

Some of the cosplayers were okay when you request to take photos with them or of them but there are also some reluctant ones. Perhaps if you pay them for professional shots, they will pose more willingly. We saw a girl posing for a man who looked like a professional photographer, maybe for a magazine shoot...
Below:There were some giving out free hugs as well, as part of the 'Free Hugs' campaign. It started with this Japanese guy and later others joined him and turned into a 'freehugs' group

We continued to walk towards Omotesando which was swarmed by people
The Omotesando Hills Shopping Centre

and the Dior Building by day

and by night

We then tried to find Cat Street and by chance we saw a street map beside Chanel or Christian Dior and located Cat Street.
The TinTin shop on the way to Cat St

and this is a house opposite the Tintin shop...

I asked a sales assistant in a boutique next to the Tintin shop to confirm where Cat St is, utilising the japanese phrases I learnt prior to the trip - "Sumimasen.. Cat St wa doko des ka..."
on Cat St..
I liked Cat's unique, urban, trendy yet has this peaceful and quiet feel to it, perhaps due to the blend of commercial and residential area.

Found the Burton store to look at snowboarding boots. It was dark by the time we finished on Cat Street
..back onto Omotesando and found Kiddyland which was on the places to go least we didn't have to go searching...

Omotesando Hills by night

outside Omotesando Hills

inside Omotesando Hills

another exhausting day...

Next day...


lasilasi said...

lol there's a 'free hug' uncle in yr pic who i think appeared in my pictures too - bet he is there every sunday =p

Junkgirl said...

Hi lasilasi,
Really? When was your visit? I think he must be there every Sunday then.

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