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Sat Dec 23 2006 (Day 2) - Akihabara

On Day 2's itinerary - Akihabara - the well-known electronics town. I think it is a blend of electronics, electrical, technology, a bit of toys/anime/manga/otaku town. I can spend all day here.

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Below, one of the first store we stepped into. I bought a 'susuwatari' magnet. Susuwatari or 'soot sprites' are the black, fuzzy, spherical creatures that appeared in My Neighbor Totoroand Spirited Away. You can get a susuwatari product here.

There's even a physical Dell Melbourne there is only the Dell Online Store

We also saw Cameron Diaz......'s ad for Softbank. Brad Pitt was also featured in Softbank's ad on TV, walking around India talking on the keitai.

A cool store for anime/manga/otaku fans - Craftmanship Kotobukiya

Also happen to be there during the Microsoft Vista promotional event, held at Akiba Square. Too bad it's all in Japanese.

Then had lunch at a Katsudon place in Akiba Square. Second attempt at ordering food. This one was harder because it is not machine operated. I indicated to the waiter 2 with my fingers (for 2 person) and thought that'll do it but...he said something and I was totally lost...I looked at him and ask " seats?" and he asked (in English) 'smoking?'. Oh so that was what he said...
We had katsudon and it was oishii. The meat was very tender

Kawaii ne....

This is how a typical store - usually a hobby/toy/anime/manga store or bookstore or music store, is like in Japanese cities. Levels and levels of goods. You'll get to level 5 and discover that there is still stairs leading up. It gets pretty tiring...

and this was beside one of the anime/manga/hobby/otaku store. Not too sure what its for...maybe for ordering to-be-release products

Night-shopping on the streets of Akihabara.

Yodobashi in Akihabara, just before we return to Shinjuku. Where else in the world can you find so much electrical, electronic and technology goods and gadgets in one store. They even have toys. This is what you call a technologically advanced and savvy nation.

I didn't shoot a vid inside Yodobashi as I wasn't sure if that's allowed. I found this vid of Yodobashi Akiba, shot by Akiba news. This place is huge

At the JR Akihabara station...
We have the SUICA cards so there is no need for purchasing fares each time.

Back in Shinjuku. Below: the yatai (stall) outside the Shinjuku Station west exit
and wandering around...came across another yatai selling ramen near the Shinjuku Post Office

More late night Asia - so 'alive not dead', vibrant and 'happening'. this is another Yodobashi

I think this is near the Kabuki-cho area

Welcome to Shinjuku...
The distributed tissue packets we managed to receive today, mostly in Akihabara.DSC03905

Next day...

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